Denis wine store (on the road to St. Junien)

    This view of the wine store is looking into Oradour down the D101 and the store is the last building on the right, the road at the end is the Rue Emile Desourteaux which leads away on the right to the church. St. Junien and the present day Centre de la Mémoire in Oradour are behind the photographer. The Denis wine store was one of the smaller killing sites, only about 25 men (and some women) died here, and the garden to the rear was used as a burial pit when the SS returned on Sunday. The mayor, Jean Desourteaux was one of the bodies found here and although badly burned he was identified by his briefcase, his son Jacques, the village doctor was never identified. The water pump with the nesting Great Tits is just behind the photographer on the right. See village plan for location details.

Denis wine store (on the road to St. Junien)

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