Diekmann's 3 October 1942 assessment at Bad Tölz

    Reading this assessment of Diekmann by his commanding officer at the Bad Tölz officer school, one gets an impression of a thoroughly decent soldier. The only clue as to what  drove him to act as he did at Oradour is the phrase, "a convinced National Socialist with faultless SS attitude", this is the kind of statement that Heinrich Himmler himself would have applauded as being ideal for a member of the SS. Comments below are in italics.

SS Junkerschule Tölz Bad Tölz: 3rd October 1942

Assessment of Adolf Diekmann

Judgement of the commander.

    SS-Haupsturmführer Adolf Diekmann, armour instructor at the SS Officer School Tölz, is moderate-sized and blond, physically dextrous and possesses an open, cheerful nature. Diekmann is a good cavalryman. His economic circumstances are in order (this reference to economic circumstances is a recurring theme in SS records). Talented and educated with a steady reliable character as well as being a convinced National Socialist (the SS were 'political soldiers' and their political alignment was commented on in all assessments) with faultless SS attitude, Diekmann is an excellent leader with good military knowledge and corresponding soldierly proficiency. In manner and dress always correct, he always exhibits an irreproachable view of his duty. Diekmann owns excellent infantry proficiency, an especially good tactical ability and thorough knowledge of armour and communications. He works diligently on his further education particularly in tactical relationships and in the area of Tank tactics. As a result of his happy nature and comradelyness (having a good sense of comradeship was an essential part of being a good SS man), Diekmann has become very valued in the leader corps.

    Suitable for: Tank instructor, company leader, and later tactics instructor. Also as a Regimental Adjutant or ADC with a Divisional staff.

The Commander of the SS Officer School Tölz.

Debes ... SS Brigade Leader and Major General of the Waffen SS (Lothar Debes was commander at Bad Tölz from 10 August 1942 to 26 January 1943)


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