Lammerding's 25 June 1936 assessment from the Pioneer School at Leisnig (Saxony)

    Another appraisal, or judgement on Heinrich Lammerding by one of his military instructors. It is interesting to compare this Judgement with the one of 1 July 1935, he must have made a considerable effort to improve between times. As can be read below he was quite well thought of at this relatively early stage of his career which was almost 9 years before the events at Oradour-sur-Glane. It is a good indication of what can happen in wartime to note that he went from being a Lieutenant to a General in such a short time.

Comments below are in italics.

Pioneer School II Rehagen, the 25th June 1936


From the 5th June until 22nd June 1936.

For the course for officers of the reserve, SS-Obersturmführer Lammerding of the SS Pioneer Sturmbann Leisnig (Saxony) [then added in manuscript, "Platoon leader"]

His knowledge and performances were on the whole …… good

General judgement of the person: An upright character, fresh and active officer, ambitious and hard working, reliable and conscientious, thorough thinking.

Mentally very actively. Exhibits practical tactical aptitude.

Quite good military appearance, athletically well formed, he physically appears to fill all requirements. Keen and assured manner when in the lead (compare this with the assessment of 1st July 1935). Precise in his arrangements. Quiet and deliberate in his commands. Assured and precise command language. Gives good encouragement. Active co-operation with the teaching staff and with discussions about practical matters in the field.

Shows good technical understanding.

Fully suitable to be a company leader of the pioneers in the field-army. As company leader of the pioneers in peace time, the suitableness for a longer command will be dependent on his going to a pioneer battalion.

Quite good and suave manners. Accepted comrade. Pleasant comrade.

Thomas….. Colonel and Commander.

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