Lammerding's Service Contract with the SS of 1 April 1935

    This document formed the contract between Heinrich Lammerding and the SS for him to become an officer in that organisation. It is noteworthy that he signed up on 1st April 1935 and then received an unfavourable Judgement on 1st July, i.e. just 3 months later (a quarter). It seems probable that this Judgement was what was needed to spur him on and make a considerable effort between July 1935 and his next Judgement on 25th June 1936. After June 1936 all his Judgements were favourable, as witnessed by his quite rapid promotion.

Comments below are in italics.

Service Contract

    The German Empire (it was not called The Third Reich in this document), represented by the Reichsminister of the Interior, and the Reichsführer-SS, concludes with the SS-Heinz Lammerding, born on the 27 August 1905 in Dortmund the following service-contract: (Lammerding's full first name was Heinrich as does appear in some of his records. In Germany, Heinz can be either a shortened form of Heinrich, or a full name in its own right).

    The SS-Heinz Lammerding commits, to the SS-Verfügungstruppe ("Special purpose troops", this is what the Waffen-SS was called before the Divisions were given individual honour titles) to carry out all valid laws, ordinances and requirements continuously for up to the completion of the 45th year of life as a leader in the SS-Verfügungstruppe service.

    After completion of the 45th year of life, the service-contract extends itself from year to year if he has not resigned a quarter before expiration of the year. The first year of service as SS-Führer is regarded as probationary. During this time the contract can at anytime be terminated, with a quarters notice on the part of the Reichsführer-SS. Substantiation of this termination is not needed; it is final. There is no right to appeal against it.

    Leisnig in Saxony on the 1st April 1935

    Signed by: SS-Führer Heinz Lammerding and Reichsführer-SS H. Himmler. (they both personally signed the form, so as can be seen, in 1935 the SS was small enough for Himmler to personally approve every entry into its ranks).

    A copy of the service-contract has been handed over to me (Lammerding) on the 1 April 1935.

    The service runs out on the 26 August 1951. (The date when Lammerding reached the last day of his 45th year of life and just over six years after the end of The Third Reich that was intended to last for 1000 years).


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