Map of Das Reich's march route to Limoges

    The routes shown below, were those taken between 8th and 12th June 1944 when the Division reached Limoges. After the 12th the Division carried on up the N147 towards Normandy. The main locations of the clashes between Das Reich and the Resistance were on the D704 towards Sarlat, at Groléjac and Carsac. Souillac on the D703. Cressensac and Noailles on the N20 south of Brive. The town of Tulle. Gabaudet (near to Figeac) off the N140. There was no fighting with the Resistance at Oradour-sur-Vayres that I am aware of. Cheissoux was where Kämpfe was first taken after his abduction on the N141: see memorial at the spot where he was abducted.

The march route of Das Reich Division between the 8th and 12th June 1944


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