Paula Hitler's grave

    Paula Hitler (Wolf, or sometimes Wolff) is buried in the Bergfriedhof (Mountain cemetery) in Berchtesgaden in the plot shown below. During early-to-mid June 2005 the grave marker disappeared and there was concern as to the fate of Paula's body and the future use of the grave plot itself. There was a suspicion that she had been moved as a result of increasing numbers of visitors being attracted to the site of her grave and that this was distasteful to both the citizens of Berchtesgaden and cemetery staff.

    I have had some correspondence with the local tourist office in Berchtesgaden and more recently from Geoff Walden (who runs The Third Reich in Ruins website), both have confirmed that the grave marker is now back in position and Paula has not been disturbed. The explanation for the disappearance is that another body was being buried and the marker was temporarily moved.

    The grave was being tended at the time this photograph was taken and although it is hard to see in this picture, a candle was burning in the glass holder just to the right of centre (at the foot of the marker). This photograph was taken in May 2005.

Paula Hilter's grave in Berchtesgaden mountain cemetery


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