Victims names

    After the massacre the French authorities put a considerable amount of effort into determining the names of all the victims and the results have been published and amended over the years as evidence has been found. The first attempt at saying just how many people died in the attack yielded a low figure of 585 and this has gradually increased to 642, which has for some years been the accepted (and widely published) figure. Since December 2019 one more name has been added to the list: that of: Ramona Dominguez-Gil, a Spanish lady, who originally came from Mianos near Zaragoza and was 73 at the time of 10th June 1944. For reasons which are not clear, she was left off the original list of names and was only added recently.

    The full list of all 643 victims names (taken from the memorial slabs in the cemetery) will shortly be shown below, in the meantime, this link will take you to the memorial slabs in the cemetery.



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