Weidinger's 23 January 1943 report from Paris school for Panzer troops

    Weidinger attended this short course on tank tactics in Paris whilst he was an instructor at Brunswick (Braunschweig). It is interesting to compare this assessment with that for Adolf Diekmann, who attended the same course with Weidinger whilst he was an instructor at Bad Tölz.


Departmental Officer school for Panzer troops

Paris, 23 January 1943. Hauptsturmführer Otto Weidinger: SS-Officer School Brunswick.


Start of the presentation: participation in the Department Officer course Paris in the time from 4-1-1943 to 23-1-1943 (The course ran from Monday to Saturday inclusive)  

Q: Short assessment, personality-value. Demonstrated achievement during the course.

A: Open, energetic personality with freshness and verve. Through his extensive nature clear in judgement and assured in resolve. Works critically and diligently.  

Q: Suitability to Battalion and so on, Commander.

A: Be well suited to the command of a Panzer Grenadier Battalion. 

Remarks: Instructor Group Leader: (no remarks were entered)

Addition of the commander: In agreement, a spirited, energetic officer.

from Waldenfels. Commander of the school.

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