Weidinger's April 1935 psychological examination

    This is the earliest medical record that I can find of Otto Weidinger's service since he entered the SS on 1st July 1933 and at this time he was nearly 20 years old. He was examined by a panel of three doctors and two other officers, but there are no details of the tests themselves that were used. I do not know if this process was standard within the SS at this time, or if it was a normal part of the officer selection process.

    It is noteworthy that Weidinger was at this time an SS-Mann, i.e. a private soldier and was being examined for his suitability for officer training. It seems to have been normal practice for such SS personnel to serve at least some of their officer pre-training time as concentration camp guards, presumably so they could demonstrate the necessary characteristics in a live situation (Germany being at peace with her neighbours, the closest one could come to active service was guarding the enemies of the state).

Psychological testing place … VII



Expert opinion of the examining body

Family name: Weidinger

Christian name: Otto

Birth date: 27: 5: 1914

Examination day: 8th April 1935

Unit: Guard Unit Dachau

Birthplace: Würzburg

Father's occupation: Head Secretary in the Post Office

Psychological findings: The examinee is fully sufficiently gifted intellectually. In the brainteasers, he exhibits a view for the essential and a good knowledge; the outer appearance remains admittedly still somewhat schoolboyishly bound. His manner should become even crisper and certain. He knows how to skilfully solve technical tasks. With physical works, he lacks the necessary energy. He has little practical view and must develop his skill here. To be acknowledged is his volitional readiness. He unlocks his human environment himself frankly and unconditionally. He knows how to interest others in joint tasks and manage them. In his manner, he is sure and confidence inspiring; a reliable person.

Findings of the psychiatrist: Intellectually sufficient, has good fundamentals, somewhat ponderous. Quiet and modest. Operational and sure in manner.

Special remarks of the military co examiners: Still youthful hesitancy and awkward, but mentally good, willing and ready for use. Leadership qualities existing. Must become even fresher.

Suitability judgement of the examiners: Intellectually well gifted. Interested mentally. Good self-assertion. Decent character.


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