Memorial to the dead at Charly-Oradour

Memorial to the dead at Charly-Oradour

    This memorial is in the small village of what was originally called Charly in Department 57, Moselle, on the D67a, about 5 miles north-east of Metz (pronounced Mez) in the province of Lorraine. After the war the village was re-named, Charly-Oradour in memory of the 44 citizens who were deported from it and the surrounding district in 1940. These people moved to Oradour-sur-Glane only to die there on 10th June 1944. The memorial shown above is of modern construction, but has been made of a soft sedimentary stone which is not weathering very well. The 12 tablets at the base of the central column have the names of all the dead inscribed on them: see full list of names. The Godfrin family are listed on the large, next to leftmost rear tablet on the left of the column. The original village is to the right of view and is considerably older (and rather shabbier) than the more modern residential section by the memorial.

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