Drawing of the executions in Tulle

Drawing of the executions in Tulle on 9th June 1944
I do not know who holds the copyright to this drawing

    This drawing is as far as I know, the only visual record made at the time of the hangings in Tulle on the 9th June 1944 and it is supposed to have been made by an officer present at the time. In this view, at least 30 bodies can be seen hanging from lampposts and balconies, especially on the right of the road. Compare this sketch with the photograph of the modern town taken on the 1st November 2001 and you will see that the viewpoint is very similar. A total of 99 men were hung by members of the Der Führer Regiment of the Das Reich Division on the suspicion that they were members of the French Resistance that had taken part in the attack on the German garrison the day before.

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