Rabbit hutches from which five men escaped alive

Rabbit hutches from which 5 men escaped alive

    These are the three rabbit hutches on the Champ de Foire from which Robert Hébras, Marcel Darthout, Yvon Roby, Clément Broussaudier and Mathieu Borie finally escaped during the evening of the 10th June 1944. The men had made their way to the hutches from the Laudy Barn in stages, being forced to move on as the flames spread. The last two to leave were Hébras, followed by Darthout at about 20:00. It would have been full daylight at this time of year, so there was considerable risk of being seen as they crossed the Champ de Foire to escape via the fields surrounding the cemetery. The Laudy Barn is to the left of view and the escape route for the five men was to the rear of the photographer, towards the cemetery, see the village plan for more details.

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